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                  ROBERTS SINTO CORPORATION CELEBRATES 50 YEARS!                                


Roberts Sinto Corporation is celebrating our 50th anniversary in the metal casting industry. The company opened in 1964 as Roberts Corporation, an engineering firm and later manufactured equipment serving mainly the foundry and automation industries. 

"When we first opened, it was not our intention to manufacture equipment," said Joseph Post, Co-Founder and past President of Roberts Corporation. "We quickly realized to move forward with the industry, we needed to get our own manufacturing facility and from then on the business grew quickly," said Post. 

In 1966, two years after they opened, Roberts Corporation opened a manufacturing facility in Grand Ledge, Michigan where they still manufacture equipment today. In 1973, Roberts Corporation became part of the Cross and Trecker Company, an industrial corporation and leading builder of machine tools and factory automation systems. Then in 1987, Roberts Corporation and Sintokogio Ltd, of Nagoya, Japan formed a joint venture creating Roberts Sinto Corporation, to promote Sintokogio's equipment in the North American market. 

In 1989, Sintokogio became a sole shareholder of Roberts Sinto Corporation. Under this new ownership, Roberts Sinto expanded their products and services to what it is today providing machines and full systems in a number of industries. 

"The technology of Sintokogio has served North American metal casters well in their efforts to produce high performance castings, quickly and economically," said Richard Stewart, CEO of Roberts Sinto Corporation. "Further, we have been successful in leveraging Sinto technology into other related industries," said Stewart. 

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Sinto's new automatic Flaskless Molding Machine, the FDNX series, is designed as a first step in switching from manual to automatic molding. 

The FDNX is a compact single station, horizontal parted flaskless molding machine with features including Sinto's aeration sand filling technology, automatic pattern spray and PLC controls and diagnostics. These features all the machine to produce high quality castings with less noise, better safety and a cleaner work area. 

The FDNX is available in two flask sizes; 14 x 18 and 16 x 20. The machine is easy to set up and ready to use by just connecting to 100V power, compressed air and existing sand supply. Existing patterns may also be used. 

Contact us today to find out more about the new FDNX Flaskless Molding Machine. 

For more information go to our FDNX page 

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