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Roberts Sinto Corporation and SandMold Systems announces new Chief Financial Officer

Roberts Sinto Corporation and SandMold Systems, Inc. announced Daniel C. Hanson has been appointed the companies' Chief Financial Officer effective May 11, 2015. 

Hanson bring 25 years of financial and accounting experience specifically in the automotive manufacturing industry. He also has 18 years of experience in die casting, CNC machining, and foundry systems. His background includes expertise in ERP, business systems, and IT technology utilization. 

He previously worked at Meridian Lightweight Technologies of Lansing, Michigan, where he served as Director of Finance, Corporate Finance Project Manger and various Controller positions. He earned his Bachelors of Arts in Accounting and Master of Business Administration in Finance from Michigan State University. 


Richard Stewart retires as CEO of Roberts Sinto Corporation and SandMold Systems, Inc., Donald Kvorka Named as Successor 

Roberts Sinto Corporation and SandMold Systems, Inc. announces Richard Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, has retired, effective April 11, 2015.  Stewart will remain active with the companies and serve on the Board of Directors. Donald Kvorka, who currently was President and Chief Operating Officer, assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer as of April 12, 2015.

Stewart has been the Roberts Sinto’s Chief Executive Officer since 1995 and SandMold Systems Chief Executive Officer since 1998. Under his direction, the companies have grown significantly both in terms of product and service offerings and overall company growth. The companies now provide a wide array of equipment and services throughout North America in the foundry, surface treatment, material handling and environmental markets.

The Roberts Sinto and SandMold’s Board of Directors appointed Donald Kvorka President and Chief Executive Officer effective April 12, 2015. Kvorka has served as President and Chief Operating Officer since January 2014.

Kvorka joined Roberts Sinto as the Chief Financial Officer in 1997. In 2014, Stewart announced his retirement and Kvorka was named President and Chief Operating Officer while Stewart continued as CEO until date of retirement.




“Autogrinding and autopouring takes operators to a safe place, and they give repeatability for part quality.” Roberts Sinto discusses the need for improvement in the continually growing foundry industry and the high demand in quality and process standards by using automation in pouring. For information on Roberts Sinto's Econo-Pour Automatic Pouring System, go to our Pouring section. To read more on "Controlling Pouring Through Automation" in Modern Casting's magazine, please go here. 



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