SST - Sinto Surface Treatment

Sinto Surface Treatment


Sinto Surface Treatment , or SST, a new market division of Roberts Sinto Corporation, is proud to introduce Sinto Airless Blast equipment. Sintokogio, the parent company of Roberts Sinto, has long been the leader of airless blast equipment in the Pacific Rim, and are now introducing advanced designs and abrasive blast technology to the North American market.

The first unit introduced by Roberts Sinto, the CND Drum Blast , features smooth load/unload capabilities, highly efficient finishing due to oscillation during the blast cycle, and a zero pinch design, virtually eliminating jams in the mill. The CND models are capable of cleaning a broader range of castings, and by virtue of their design, require significantly lower maintenance than sua2conventional tumble-type blast machines. The CND series also provides the convenience of cleaning small, thin parts without the problems associated with articulated mills.

In addition to the CND series, the new Sinto Surface Treatment, or SST division will bring a complete line of spinner hanger monorail machines. These monorail machines incorporate easy to maintain designs, as well as maintenance friendly features.

Yet another addition to the Roberts Sinto product line are the Sinto Shake Blast continuous, in-linemachines. This machine offers a variety of insightful benefits including: The unique shape of the mill , as well as the concept of strategically placing multiple lower power wheels to facilitate uniform cleaning. Uniform cleaning creates work flow that prevents abusive and damaging tumbling of castings.


SST Equipment

  • CND Barrel Series
  • SUA Series Shake Blast
  • KSB Series Spinner Hanger Monorail Blast Cabinets
  • Swing Tables
  • Wire Rod and Bar Stock Descalers
  • Skew Roll Machine